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Gina smiled at the grey-haired man talking to the barman. She knew that her bright red lips would attract his attention and she was not wrong.
The businessman did indeed notice the pretty mouth smiling at him. He took a long look at Gina, checking her up and down and decided she was worth spending a little bit of time to get to know.
‘And a drink for the lady,’ he said to the barman who smiled and took a glass and got ready to pour a whisky. Gina nodded and the barman poured.
Gina said thank you to the stranger so seductively that it was like a small kiss on his neck. The man held out a hand.
‘I’m Ivan,’ he said, ‘Pleased to meet you.’ His accent was thick, he sounded eastern European.
Gina took his hand and gently squeezed it.
‘No, I’m pleased to meet you,’ she said. His smile told her he was hers if she wanted him. She did.
Gina played with her drink, her fingers touching the glass gently, all the time keeping eye-contact with the businessman who was hypnotized by her movements.
The barman turned his back, he’d seen this a thousand times before. He knew that before long they would leave the bar, go to the man’s room, where money would change hands and then, well that was between two consenting adults.
Gina’s spoke quietly, Ivan moving closer and closer, smelling her perfume. She could feel his excited breath on her cheek.
‘Let’s go to your room,’ she whispered.
Ivan nodded and they stood up and left of the bar holding hands and smiling.
As soon as they entered the room, Ivan tried to kiss Gina, but Gina pushed him away.
‘Money first,’ she said with a smile.
Ivan took out his wallet and counted out the amount that they’d agreed on. Gina’s eyes lit up and she put the notes in to her bag.
‘Now get undressed and lie on the bed,’ she ordered ‘and I’ll give you a show you’ll never forget.’ Ivan did as he was told, hurriedly getting out of his clothes and lying down on the bed, already aroused.
Gina was impressed by his naked body. She smiled and slowly pulled up her skirt on her left leg revealing her stocking tops. Ivan whistled showing he liked what he saw.
‘Leave it alone,’ Gina said to stop Ivan from touching himself.
She then pulled her skirt up over her right leg, but this time the view for Ivan was not so good. In the top of her stocking was a small gun. Gina took it out and pointed it at Ivan.
‘Take my money.’ Ivan said. ‘Please don’t kill me.’  
‘I don’t want your money.’ Gina snapped. ‘Do you recognise the name Dimitri Yashin?’
Ivan stayed still, he didn’t know the name, names were names, faces were faces, bodies were bodies. A long time ago he’d done his government’s work, he never asked questions, never thought of his victims as people. He just quietly did the jobs he was asked to do.  
He had tried to put his past behind him. These days he ran a respectable business and had customers all over the world. But he had always known that one day his past might come back to haunt him.
This woman was obviously a victim’s daughter or granddaughter looking for revenge.
Ivan coughed loudly.
‘You killed my…’ But Gina couldn’t finish her sentence. The cough had been a signal for Ivan’s bodyguards to come into the room.  Gina was suddenly lying on the floor, her own gun pointing at her head.
Ivan stood up, took the gun from his bodyguard and stood over Gina still naked.

‘Do you think I am stupid enough to have sex without protection?’ He asked before coldly pulling the trigger.
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