Let's Dance

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This story was based on the David Bowie song Let's Dance. 

Maggie fell into Dave’s arms and hugged him. Tears streamed down her face, tears of happiness. The wine, the moonlight, the food and now this present; it had been the perfect evening.
Dave had sent her a text from Madrid saying he had the best present for her, but she had never dreamt it would be this. She’d been expecting a bottle of Calvados or something similar.
Even when she saw the shoebox, she had not imagined the most beautiful pair of red flamenco shoes. They were genuine, hand made, real leather, shiny - beautiful. Ever since Maggie had been a little girl of eleven, she'd dreamt of owning a pair exactly like this and now thanks to her lovely boyfriend she did.
‘Dave, they are beautiful,’ she said, through the tears.
She looked at the cute smile on his face; he might not have lots of muscles or be able to fix a broken tap but he really was her Mr. Right. She looked at the shoes again, after thirty years of dreaming, she could finally ‘put on her red shoes and dance the blues.’

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