The Magic of Kindle

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'Really?' Jeff was shocked, not just shocked, stunned. He didn’t know what to say. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His best friend, who was as quiet as a mouse and as good as a grade A student, had just told him that she was reading  ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Not only that, but she’d been reading it on the tram on the way to work; getting to work all hot and bothered. Jeff pushed his glasses up his nose.
'Really?' He said for the second time.
'Yeah, really. What’s wrong?'
Jeff didn't know what to say. Why shouldn't she read erotica? But it was just such a surprise. He’d never imagined his innocent little friend Clementine reading such a naughty book.
‘Are you surprised that I have a naughty side?’ she asked. Jeff noticed a smile on her face that he’d never seen before.
‘It's the magic of Kindle,' Clem continued. 'You’re right; I would never have read it without a Kindle. I could never go into a bookshop to buy it. I would be too embarrassed. And if I did buy it, I wouldn’t get the book out in public, no, no, no. I would have read it at home, alone, and hidden it carefully. But if you read it on a Kindle, no one knows. You don’t have to look at the shop assistant when you pay for it, you don’t have to hide it when you carry it home and, you can read it on the tram.’
‘Wow, ‘said Jeff, still amazed that his quiet, little friend was reading that book.
Clementine smiled her new, sexy smile again. For a moment Jeff wished they were more than just friends.  

Jeff would always remember that night for two reasons. One, it was the night when the girl who had been his best friend for years had changed into a woman, a very sexy woman. And two, it was the night that he downloaded ‘Fifty Shades’ for his Kindle.

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