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The clock on the wall was moving, but time seemed to be standing still, not just today, although today was going terribly slowly, but life in general. Miley rested her chin in her hand and stared at the clock. Its hands were like her life - going round and round in circles but not making any progress.
She looked at her phone, she had a message from Bryn, her colleague and friend. ‘Morning Smiley.’ Miley smiled, it was strange, the only time she ever smiled was when Bryn called her Smiley.
Her office felt cold and lonely. Without Ozzie, her wise, old colleague, it felt empty. There was a presentation on her screen, she’d been working on it for days and it still wasn’t finished.
She closed her eyes and tried to imagine something nice but she couldn’t escape from reality. She opened Google and typed I WANT A NEW LIFE in the search box.
The results were mostly rubbish. Miley read down the page, bored by the adverts for religious groups and yoga lessons until she saw an advert that caught her eye.
Butterflies wanted for botanical gardens. Miley had always wanted to be a butterfly.
She clicked on the advert and read further.

A well-known botanical garden in London is looking for butterflies. Are you beautiful, pretty and dreamy? Do you long for a carefree life flying happily from flower to flower in the sunshine? Why not apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

That was Miley’s dream job, could she apply? She didn’t think she was beautiful or pretty but she certainly was a dreamer. What the hell! She found her CV, updated it and sent it off. For the rest of the day Miley dreamt about being a beautiful, happy-go-lucky butterfly and found herself smiling for the first time in ages.

Miley sat on a flower letting the sun warm her wings. Who knew that butterflies have happy music playing in their heads all day long?  A bee flew around her and then landed on the next plant. She smiled and waved. She couldn't remember a time when she felt this comfortable, this happy.
She’d never felt right in her human body but this one was a perfect fit. She hadn’t needed time to get comfortable or anything, it was like it had been made for her. She’d cried when she’d got the job, she’d never forget that phone call. They’d told her she was born to be a butterfly, that she had beauty and grace; that she would be perfect. She’d looked in the mirror for hours, she didn’t see it at all; she thought they had made a mistake but now she was here, she knew they’d been right; she was a perfect butterfly.
‘Mummy, mummy, look!’ Miley looked around to see a 5 year old girl pointing at her.
‘It’s a butterfly, Molly.’
‘Mummy, it’s beautiful, I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’
Miley smiled and filled with happiness. She opened her wings to give the child a good view of the patterns them.

She thought of Bryn, he’d be so pleased for her; finally she was what he’d always called her, Smiley. 

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